A History of Music and Copyright, from Plato to Pharell Williams/ O istorie a muzicii și a drepturilor de autor, de la Platon la Pharell Williams/ 133-140

Persida Bec


The book Theft! A History of Music, by James Boyle, Jennifer Jenkins, Jeith Aoki contains a graphic novel, made in the form of a comic strip, in which humor and irony are excellently combined in telling an important part of the history of music, which spans over 2000 years of this, since the time of Plato. This novel carefully selects the important parts of the history of music, especially the copyright issues, choosing to show a neglected history of music, entering some contestable parts (for instance, those that take into account race-related motivations, as well as motivations connected to gender, religion, politics or law). For those who want to learn, to overcome their own ignorance, the fact that music did not begin with YouTube videos and that a DJ's turntables are not the initiators of music, this book presents some important stages that music history has gone through.


comics, history, music, copyright, score, heritage, artist, stages.

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