The Platformization of Society and the Fake News Phenomenon/ Platformizarea societății și fenomenul fake news/ 93-109

Dorin Spoaller


The emergence and widespread use of online social networks have strong implications for contemporary society. These platforms have become on the one hand increasingly complex in terms of the algorithm behind them, on the other hand increasingly easy to use by a wide audience. Opposed to traditional mass-media, which has a unidirectional communication model, which involves only one sender, but many receivers, social media allows the use of several transmitters, which transmit the message to many receivers. The social media context also gave space for the differentiation of the media motivations. The research approaches the phenomenon of misinformation (fake news) from a critical perspective. The paper aims to thematize the implications of this phenomenon and addresses the issue of responsibility within the frame of the good governance of the platforms.


social media, platformization, fake news, uses and gratifications approach, platform governance.

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ISSN 2668-0009; ISSN-L 2668-0009