Paradoxes of Identity or "An Existential Crisis in C#"/ Paradoxuri ale identității sau "o criză existențială în Do Diez"/ 63-78

Mihaela Frunza


In this article, I attempt to analyze the musical universe built by Frank Iero by reflecting upon it through a mirror structure provided by several philosophical insights. Frank Iero’s distinctive approach to alternative music is followed through a series of opposite pairs of concepts – namely identity/difference, and failure/creativity. By consciously incorporating in his songs and albums the aforementioned contested topics and by continuously reflecting upon them in his interviews and podcasts, the artist manages to establish a connection to his followers that enables a continuous spiral of creativity.


alternative music, Frank Iero, alternative rock, identity, difference, failure, creativity.

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ISSN 2668-0009; ISSN-L 2668-0009