Philosophy and Music? Articulations of a Possible (Mis)Encounter/ Filosofie și muzică? Articulări ale unei posibile (ne)întâlniri/ 24-35

Cristian Ciceu


In the following essay we will try to understand if there is a possible relationship between music and philosophy that goes beyond the simple philosophical study of the musical phenomenon, because in respect to music it seems that philosophy is a little bit tone deaf even when it tries to understand it thouroughly. We would like to show that music as practice is a kind of applied ethos; it is „ethics” without actually being that and it stands for a different kind of relationship with the world and the other. Conversly, the essence of philosophy resides in its existential practice, as a form of critical knowledge of the self, the other and the world, a line that connects through history Socrates and Foucault. For us the specificity of this particular musical ethos is perfectly illustrated by the group improvisation, in jazz or other musical idioms. And if the philospher’s ultimate goal is the expression of truth in life, then the improviser strives for the truth of the musical expression.


truth, time, alterity, improvisation, jazz, Coltrane, Stravinski, Foucault, Agamben.

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