The influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, 312-323

Diana Felicia Colceriu


The Covid-19 pandemic has certain effects on all of the people around the world at the moment. From the doctors in the first line that risk their lives to save others, to each and anyone of us that stays indoors to stop the virus from spreading, we are al facing the same problem, the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course we are all exposed to this new virus but there are some categories of people that are more exposed than others. Where and how it all started? Can doctors make the choice of who lives and who dies? Are all of these social restriction going to change the world? These are all questions that we all ask ourselves. This article is meant to try to provide some answers to these questions, from the perspective of a teenager. All the conspiracy theories seen on the Internet and the news that are provided to us by the media: Are they relevant? We must always ask ourselves whether the quality of the information that we have is the best or not, to document and understand the situation we are in, in order to be able to support the people who, at the moment, keep our economy on the normal path. This is the right time to reflect upon the situation we are in and how we can make a difference, even if it is a small one. From the social distancing that, at first, I thought it was my worst nightmare, I realized that change begins with each of us.  


COVID-19, society, social distancing, applied ethics, philosophy

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