"The Sharpest Lives": How Philosophical Ideas and Alternative Music Can Change The World/ "The Sharpest Lives" : cum pot ideile filosofice și muzica alternativă să schimbe lumea / p. 90-105

Mihaela Frunza


In this article I argue that alternative music can change the world when it migrates from the realm of music to that of ideas. I take the example of My Chemical Romance, and I break down the claim that it changed the world of their fans firstly through a “change of language”, by using the structuralist tool of intertextuality, and secondly through a “change of hearts”, by building on the cathartic usage of emotions, both for themselves and their fanbase. I also explore the dangers intricate in the process, and I discuss a sample of accusations they were subjected to from the media.



philosophy, pop culture, alternative music, My Chemical Romance, intertextuality, catharsis, media.

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ISSN 2668-0009; ISSN-L 2668-0009