Reflections in the whirlwind of the crisis, 302-311

Raluca-Diana Păcurar


The world as we know it might never be the same again. This whole apo­caliptical scenario we have been going through since the beggining of the pandemy, made the humankind more aware of its vulnerabilities and brought us a gift that consists in self-care. Choices are some of the most important rights that humans have and what we do with our rights defines us as people. Back in Aristotle’ times, the greatest virtue of them all was the general Good and the perfect citizen should have been able to give up his own pleasures for the collective Good. The irony of this historical and philosophical concept is that, now, in 21stcentury its validity didn’t expire. Moreover, abnegation these days is considered as top of the qualities a modern person should have. In the pandemic equation, the person next to you is also your responsibility and that resembles to Heidegger’s concept of the other.  The world is a wide network of connections that includes us all, in which if one wire is broken the whole net will fall apart.


crisis, choice, pandemic, virtue, Dasein, the other, abnegation, consciousness, cyclic, existentialism

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