The attitude of the skeptic and his vulnerability, 263-274

Persida Bec


This article presents some of the fears, thoughts, vulnerabilities most of the people have during the pandemic. The article begins with a lamentation, a confession of mine about how I felt during the pandemic, but also how most of us felt, during the period which just passed. Then, the article addresses the danger of manipulation, which is extraordinarily dangerous in times like these, and which is caused, first and foremost, by a very large amount of information, but also by the speed with which they appear. In the third section of this article, I present an analysis of a very interesting explanation which is, in fact, actual to the context of a new term, namely infodemia. At the end of the article, I approach and discuss the rational faculty, lucidity and effort of ours, but also the critical attitude we have at our disposal to get out of this situation.


pandemic, vulnerability, information, manipulation, critical attitude, infodemia.

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ISSN 2668-0009; ISSN-L 2668-0009