COVID-19 crisis and knowledge based society

Constantin Stoenescu


My aim in this paper is to open a debate about the effects of COVID-19 crisis upon the ways in which is thought the relation between science and society. The traditional imagine of science was changed by philosophers and there was accepted the idea that the production of knowledge is guided by social needs and market constraints. But in spite of this trends, in front of the pandemic threats, our society was unprepared to find quickly the best solutions with the help of science. The states, the global organizations and different leaders were surprised and they need time to react because all of them were locked in old idiosyncrasies and habits. Therefore, the COVID-19 crisis became an opportunity to make science robust and to put research in its own ethical framework according to the humanistic values. Science and society needs a new social contract. 


COVID-19, knowledge based society, the traditional imagine of science, Mode 2 of knowledge production, ethics of research, science in context, science under assault, new social contract between science and society.

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