Semnul – unitate cu două fețe / The sign – a two-faced unity / 63-73

Ioan Corjuc


In this article, I argue that, on the basis of Hegel’s hierarchy of sciences, semiology, the science which studies the sign, is a part of psychology. For the sign is produced by the activity of the spirit and psychology aims to expound this activity, therefore semiology should be placed in the realm of psychology. Furthermore, the present article is concerned with the faculty that produces the sign and how this sign is produced. If we are to understand the sign as having a dual nature – sensible (signifier) and intelligible (signified), then the faculty most responsible for the production of the sign will be imagination, for only it has the capacity and the purpose to synthetize that which is sensible and that which is intelligible. Finally, I will elaborate on Saussure’ way to articulate the relation between the signifier, the sensible part of the sign, and the signified, the intelligible part of the sign, emphasizing on the arbitrary nature of this relation.

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