Comunicarea. O analiză a întâlnirii/ Communication. An Analysis of the Encounter / 52-62

Anisia Alis Iacob


Using the theories of Robert T. Craig and Hans-Georg Gadamer, the current paper aims to provide a short analysis on how communication can be viewed as a practice, an encounter in a space and as a virtual thing. I begin my analysis by emphasizing the current situation regarding both communication and the advance­ment of technology and how they might be connected. Afterwards, I proceed unto discussing whether communication should be viewed as a science or as a practice, arguing that it is proper to view it as a practice due to the innate characteristics that it displays. In the second part of the paper I present the possibility of viewing communication as an encounter between the Self and the Other, encounter that is both possible and makes possible the existence of a space. The said space makes the encounter possible for it offers the background on which the meeting of the Self and the Other happens, while the communication and the encounter offer the possibility of the existence of the above-mentioned space. Without communication or the act of communicating, the encounter does not happen and the space is not generated. In the third and final part, I take a look at the advancement of the technology that greatly influenced the way we communicate through the technological solutions it offers. I try to see how it may affect the happening of the encounter while I try to investigate whether it affects communication in a positive or a negative manner.

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