Post-pandemic or post-traumatic (?) 275-289

Livia Creț


In this article I follow two patterns of response to the pandemic phenomenon, focusing on the most affected categories due to the present crisis. I will show the difficulties encountered by the people suffering of certain mental disorders (e.g. obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder) and I will explain how prioritizing mental health is a necessary measure for one to be able to continue his life once the pandemic ends. Also, I display some of the suggestions came from the authorities and the shortcomings that countries face in order to ensure mental and physical health for their citizens, especially for those already at a disadvantage due to associated diseases, disabilities and mental disorders. I gathered all these related issues to highlight the unfavorable turn that the global situation can take, but also to support the urgency of creating a plan capable to provide mental care and assistance.



pandemic; mental disorders; mental stability; psychological interventions; health care; responsability; adversity./pandemie; tulburări mentale; stabilitate mentală; intervenții psihologice; îngrijire medicală; responsabilitate; adversitate.

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