Seeing things and screening reality. A review of “Philosophy and Film. Bridging Divides”/ Privind lucrurile și transpunând realitatea pe ecran. O recenzie la “Philosophy And Film. Bridging Divides” p. 124-131

Diana Bulzan


This review attempts to present the ideas of the book Philosophy and Film. Bridging Divides. The volume Philosophy and Film. Bridging Dividesmoves between well-established authors and methods, to new scholars and innovative attempts to build upon already consolidated theories. The essays or chapters, as they are presented, include both analytic considerations and preconditions for an understanding of film as philosophy and approaches based in the continental tradition. A significant merit of the book is that it provides the reader with an overview without asking for a commitment to a particular methodology, and thus provides a basis for dialogue among the different methods.


philosophy, film, theory, pop culture, continental tradition, analytic tradition

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ISSN 2668-0009; ISSN-L 2668-0009