Moartea lui Jim între apolinic și dionisiac/ Jim’s Death Between Dionyssiac and Apolynic/ p. 118-123

Nicolae Goje


This review follows Cristian Ciceu’s reflections on the theme of death in the context of Jim Morrison’s poetry. The author presents death as a finality, an aspect that imposes itself directly and finds paradoxical expressions in the rock star’s lyrics. Morrison’s poetics is infused with the theme of death which appears in different aspects: violence, apathy; but it appears in positive aspects also: sexuality and creativity. The author emphasizes the rapport between the poet and death, finding that death would cancel the contact with matter, a thing that is most important for a Dionysian personality. Salvation appears in a paradoxical form, the irreversibility of time implies at the same time the immutability of the past.


philosophy, pop culture, music, Jim Morrisson, Cristian Ciceu

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