Trendul nipon. Importăm cultură?/ The Japanese Trend. Do We Import Culture?/ p. 39-50

Livia Creț


In this article I will argue that in the last two decades Japan and its culture had a notable success in the West, in the sense that both Europe and United States showed interest in its pop culture, particularly in its artistic views. I offered an account of this phenomenon and how it affects japanese culture and debated whether it is beneficial or not. For this purpose I classified society in two distinct groups and tried to understand the mentality behind the interest. Also, one can find in this paper the ways in which europeans and americans tried to incorporate the japanese trend in their industries. This is an open approach and I do not claim to have resolved entirely the problem in discussion, as it is a bigger issue than we can imagine.


Japan, pop culture, differences between civilizations, industry, marketing, stylistic archetype, Japanese animation, stereotypes, mass-media, social network

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ISSN 2668-0009; ISSN-L 2668-0009