Reprezentări ale folosirii noilor tehnologii şi idei filosofice în antologia TV Black Mirror/ Representing Uses of New Technologies and Philosophical Ideas in the TV Series Black Mirror / p. 26-38

Ileana Dascălu


Black Mirror, the critically acclaimed TV anthology series famous for presenting a dystopian future where high technology meets humanity’s dark side has also received a lot of attention from the academia. Generally considered a reflection on the dark side of technology, it has stimulated debate on the philosophical implications of contemporary society’s infatuation with technological innovations. Virtual realities and social control made possible by the digital world are salient topics for discussion, and they have inspired comparisons with the work of philosophers such as Michel Foucault and Jean Baudrillard.

This paper aims to give a presentation of the series focusing on the philosophical implications some of its episodes suggest. It analyses the relation between dilemmas of contemporary societies and the dystopian future which the series presents. In the end, it suggests a complementary perspective that interprets Black Mirror beyond its discourse about the effects of technology. This suggested reading argues that Black Mirror depicts a society governed by principles that failed to ensure justice and stability in the face of concurrent drives and forces brought by the new technologies.


Black Mirror, dystopia, technology, social media, moral dilemmas, biopolitics, justice, stability

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