Consilierea filosofică și continua restaurare a ființei umane/ Philosophical Counseling and the Continual Restauration of Human Being / 9-26

Sandu Frunza


This paper proposes an opening to the field of philosophical counseling. Starting from three authors that are significant for the philosophical practices referring to counseling, I outline several elements that could ground the option for philosophical counseling.

On the one hand, the development of the communication technologies and of the technologies that allow the construction of the virtual spaces involve the need to position vis-à-vis the new reality, a new reality marked by impact of the digital world on the individual. In this new context, the challenge presumes new approaches of the fundamental topics and new answers concerning the human values in relation to the meaning of existence, of personal identity and of finding oneself, and also of the approach of happiness as a central value of the good life. One of the solutions could be the returning to the spiritual traditions and their reevaluation from the perspective of the life of the postmodern individual, through the means of the philosophical dialogue endorsed by the context of the philosophical counseling.

On the other hand, there is the need to redefine the human being and her quest in an expanding existential registry, with a perpetual dynamics that swings between the real world to the virtual one and back. In this context, philosophy can offer philosophical practices that support the human beings in their quest for authenticity, for the means to commit to the living of their own lives in the spirit of the values specific to postmodern human condition.

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