A întreba sau a nu întreba: aceasta este întrebarea!/ To Question or not to Question: that is the Question!

Liana Precup


Review of the book Peter Worley, 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers. Questioning (London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2019). In this book one can read about 100 ideas about better using the questions and the proposal of a new question-centered pedagogy. The author draws the distinction between “asking questions” and “putting something into questions”. In the first part, you can read an analysis on the types of questions used in education.  The importance of the questions is endorsed by Socrate, who believed that learning is actually recollecting what was known before in previous lives, and a teacher may help a student to find a solution even for a geometrical question by only using questions. On the other hand, the book encourages the developing of a questioning mindset. The book is addressed to primary teachers, but could be very useful in other learning and development endeavours, for all those who wish to develop children’ critical thinking.


Question, developing a questioning classroom, If-ing, question delivery, enquiry skills, aporia, open questions, closed questions, primary teachers, critical thinking, Socrates.

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