De unde începe filosofia pentru copii? Repere ale operei lui Matthew Lipman/ Where does Philosophy for Children begin? Some landmarks of Matthew Lipman’s work

Mihaela Frunza


The present text attempts to introduce readers (particularly Romanian ones) to the fundamental philosophical and pedagogical values promoted by Matthew Lipman, the author who laid the basis for the philosophy for children (P4C) movement. It analyzes several theoretical and applied texts written by Lipman, in an attempt to explain Lipman’s goals, his views on education, and the way in which his „community of inquiry” manages to transform the classroom into a space of freedom, creativity and thinking.  


philosophy for children (P4C), Matthew Lipman, philosophical values, education, “community of inquiry”, critical thinking.

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ISSN 2668-0009; ISSN-L 2668-0009